The Silo Hotel

Now this was an experience.  I had heard about the new Silo district in Cape Town for quite a while, seen post after post on Instagram of incredible views, breathtaking interiors and exotic looking cocktails.  It was fair to say that I had some massive FOMO and was desperate to be part of the cool crowd.  Finally about two weeks ago we decided to just go!  Initially we wanted to check out the new Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa) as it houses Africa’s largest contemporary art collection, all under one enormous roof!  As I am a massive art fan I have been dying to go since it’s opening in September 2017.  Alas, when we arrived after spending an hour in traffic just to get there the doors had closed and they weren’t allowing anyone else in for the next hour as it was packed with Capetonians on holiday along with the rest of Europe and the UK.  So we were in a bit of a predicament.  What to do now?

Then a brainwave struck and I remembered that The Silo Hotel was right in front of us.  We waltzed into the foyer (feeling extremely under dressed) and asked where the roof-top bar was.  The intimidating receptionist then responded that we needed to make a reservation but that he would check to see if anyone had cancelled.  Luck was on our side and we were whisked away to the lift that was pure luxury in itself.  Stepping out the lift and onto the roof the first thing we saw was the extraordinary rim flow pool that looked fit for Grecian Gods.  Then you walk to the bar and are hit by a sensory overload as you look out at the glory of beautiful Cape Town.  Never have I seen a view so captivating.  We had some wine and bar snacks to share and pretended we were foreigners on holiday staying at this exquisite 5 star hotel.  The wine was delicious, the bar snacks were even more delicious.  What more is there to say?

A xx


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