A Helping Hand

My aim is to let you know about the best places to eat, what’s hot and trending on my fashion radar, and the ultimate travel destinations and experiences.  If you need advise just comment on the post and I’ll do my best to help you any way I can!  I love trying out interesting and exciting flavour combinations when I eat out, and presentation for me is everything.  So I promise you won’t be disappointed if you follow my advise!  As far as fashion goes, I am all about fashionable comfort.  In my opinion its the shoes, bag and accessories that make a look so be certain to keep a look out for my latest fashion posts!  As far as travelling goes, I’ve done a fair bit of travelling already but that was a few years ago when my parents were paying =P  I am dying to start travelling more regularly so when I do I’ll let you all know about my adventures.

Lots of love,

A xx